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Hello my name is Connie I am 38 years old I am mentally disabled I will be blogging about how I came a long way from being mentally unstable to mentally stable because of hiking and traveling I am also an author so you will see a lot of blog breaks and see blogs about my books from time to time but it will mainly be about hiking and travel you can donate here or directly to my paypal this is not a requirement but is apperciated it helps to pay the bills.

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We can longer convert our min van it has too many miles and we cannot do full time travel just part time we cannot afford it and there are people that need us. Just to let you know my first campfire S

Campfire stories

I would like introduce to you section of my blog called campfire stories it is all short stories that have gotten copyrighted and posted apex short story lovers and people s friends they funny horror

On our way camper van

We have decided to get back on the after two years of being in an apartment. We were living in a camper trailer but now we don't have that so we decided to turn our second mini van into camper van it